With our In-depth knowledge of the electronics and appliances industry, whether you are shipping smartphones, computers, TVs, kitchen appliances or components for telecommunications systems, we help you to deliver your Hi- tech, electronics and telecom equipment safely and securely to any part of the world while ensuring a reliable connection between all the points in your supply chain – from your component manufacturing unit to your assembly lines, and all the way to your final retail destinations.

Additional we help our customers with Services that Include:

We provide you with the tools and ability to take control of your inventory early in the supply chain cycle. This service can include upstream management of the manufacture process if required.

  • Carrier and Third Party Logistics Management

In Motion Logistics help you manage all aspects involved in the supply chain such as:

  • Value Added Services
      • Crating
      • Export Packaging

We can provide extensive pre-retail services, preparing store-ready product for dispatch direct to your point of sale.

  • First & Last Mile Logistics

In Motion Logistics put special attention to the most crucial key points in the supply chain in order to provide with on time delivery.

  • End-to-end Visibility and Tracking

Real time visibility of your inventory and transportation along the supply chain.