Origin Cargo Management (OCM)

Origin Cargo Management (OCM)

The strategy is to reduce overstock at your warehouses, optimize your domestic transportation and improve your stock availability and lead times. In Motion Logistics provide you with full supply chain visibility and along with our Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding capabilities, we help you to achieve this. We work with retailers and importers from order placement, through to the international transportation and delivery in all key production areas.

Purchase Order Management (POM)

We believe that Purchase Order Management (POM) is essential for successful global procurement strategies. Lowering your supply chain costs, improving efficiency, eliminating non-value added activities and optimizing the transportation of purchase orders. Ask us how we can implement your POM

PO connectivity

Connect vendors with EDI to Access PO details Allow Vendors to download PO Details from System

E-trace and e-booking:

  • Tracking Vendor updates
  • Cargo status for buyers reference at PO and SKU level
  • Alerts for Bookings, shipments
  • Manage PO exception
  • Manage Documentation
  • Vendors can view outstanding orders and use PO data within the system to make bookings and create load plans

Value Added Services and Pre Retail Services

  • Labelling
  • Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  • Re-packing
  • Management of Point of Sale displays


With In Motion Logistics You can consolidate purchase orders from multiple vendors to maximize the container utilization, rather than shipping less than container load volumes. We call it Buyer’s consolidation and these shipments are loaded according to the instructions received from the client and delivered with the nominated carrier. In Europe we have also develop these multi buyer’s consolidation from multi countries, another advantage that we can help you with.


Shipping expediting

  • Shipment e-booking functionality
  • Verification of booking details
  • Verification of discrepancies with the customer


  • Visibility at purchase order, shipment, container or SKU level


  • Managements reports
  • Tools to effectively manage best practices
  • Metric tracking


  • Improved container utilization
  • Reduced handling time
  • Ocean and destination cost savings
  • Cargo shipped securely as full container loads

Vendor Management

One of our key points is to develop an optimus relationship with the vendors and focus on:

  • Comunitaction Optimization
  • Vendor Commitment
  • Processes improvement through SOP’s
  • Performance enhancement

We believe that these key points combined with utilization of our System may reduce suply chain costs and improve management control, product and service quality, communication and visibility.