Having a professional customs broker working on your behalf can make your importing business more efficient and more profitable. In Motion Logistics can help you with your imports to the United States and we focus on your business needs facilitating the process and checking every single detail to take care of your goods.

Keep the following questions in mind before you buy something from a foreign source.

  • Can the goods be legally imported? Are there restrictions on, or special forms required, for your purchase’s importation?
  • Are you buying the item(s) for your personal use or for commercial purposes?
  • Will you be responsible for shipping costs? You will either need to hire a customs broker to clear your goods and forward them on to you.
  • Can you trust the seller to provide accurate information about the item being shipped in the Customs section of the shipping documents? Giving misleading or inaccurate information about the nature of the item and its value is illegal. And it is the importer – YOU – who could face legal action and fines for this violation!

The customs broker has the legal authority and knowledge to recognize very detailed classifications of your goods, and the respective tariffs associated with such. The customs broker also recognizes and produces a variety of legally binding documents needed to import goods into the U.S. Customs brokers have a close relationship with the Dept. of Homeland Security/ U.S. Treasury / U.S. Customs Service, to obtain legal rights for your goods to enter into the United States.