Specialty Services

AOG  (Aircraft on Ground) Logistics and Transportation

When an AOG appears is a major loss and a financial burden for an airline, we know that the time is running  and every moment  counts and  it’s urgent to expedite your shipment in order to provide the best solution in time, compromise and  quality, following the proper guidelines and requirements.

In Motion Logistics has a crew of people with the experience and compromise to handle any AOG situation and challenges that could be faced to move critical aircraft parts around the world. We specialize in oversized freight, hazmat materials, rapid returns, etc.  in order to route shipments as fast as possible to minimize losses.

Yacht and Boat Transportation : Float-On ,Float-Off

Thanks to our experience along with the help of our partners and shipping lines, we have been able to develop new methods of loading and adaptable shipping cradles, semi-submersibles and covers and use the most effective loading, accurate schedule and able to reduce risk and costs. Taking advantage of frequent sailings to more than 70 destinations around the world and explaining our customers the pros and cons for example between a ‘liner’ and a ‘charter’ service. Rates and quotes are based upon demand, timing, port infrastructure in origin and destination and many numerous factors and additions, that could include road transport, insurance, customs, etc.

Reverse Logistics

Today’s retail supply chain is more complex than ever. Dealing with damaged and returned goods has become as important as selling the product itself. The returns must be sorted and, if the product can be reused and repacked, sold to a secondary market to recover maximum value. If the returned goods need to be disposed of, you need to find a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to do so.

In Motion Logistics has developed a Reverse Logistics program that manages your product returns and allows you to generate revenue from them while limiting your environmental impact. We provide a complete end-to-end service that offers you a system for managing product returns, including a zero-landfill solution. Our expert management of products’ aftermarket life cycle enables you to capture the maximum recovery value for reused goods and ensures that any recycling is done in an environmentally friendly and responsible way.

Services include:

  • Consolidation and return to vendor
  • Auction/secondary market sales
  • Recycling and recovery of used assets
  • New asset handling